Communication, Mass Media and Social Responsibility: A Trinitarian Relationship


  • Nsikan Senam University of Uyo


Communication, Interaction, Information Management, Professionalism and Social Responsibility


Communication is central to all forms of human endeavour and as such, its role in the society is indispensable. For the media to fully achieve its functions there is the need for accountability and social responsibility to the society and the audience in particular. This paper examines the basic issues in communication media and social responsibility. It is a descriptive research in which data and information were gathered from secondary sources like books and documents. It was found out that no human endeavour can succeed without communication. The paper also revealed that the mass media are in a fiduciary relationship with the society. It is therefore recommended that mass media operator should be professionally conscious in order to meet audience expectations from the media. Again, the mass media operators should make the media show accountability and responsibility through fair, accurate and objective reportage.




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